Why Petrol Price in India is High

Why Petrol Price in India is High?

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Why petrol price in India is High? Petrol price in India is a burden for almost all the people who are living in India. Regardless of the reason for increasing petrol price in India, the common people are the ultimate sufferers.

Even though we can’t believe it, there are many people who inquire about the petrol price today in India before they are trying to use the vehicle. Yes, it is unbelievable but it is true.

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Why petrol price in India is High? What Would be the Reason Behind This?

When anyone asked about the reason for the high petrol price in India, the government servants and politicians say “reason for high petrol prices in India is due to high exchange rates.”

But the trending topic on increasing petrol prices in India buzzing in social media stating “Indians paying 100% tax on petrol which has increased the 1-litre petrol cost from around Rs.35 to Rs.70” is really shocking news for everyone.

Cost of 1 barrel = 159 litre means 1-litre petrol cost is just Rs. 36.60.

According to the BPCL, the OMCs charge Rs. 37.63 to the dealers after refining the oil which is excluding Excise and VAT charge.

Why Petrol Price in India is High

The centres excise duty on petrol Rs. 19.48 turns this petrol price to Rs. 57.11. Adding to this, Rs. 3.63 per litre Dealer commission on petrol raising the cost of petrol to Rs. 60.73.

Finally, the 27 per cent vat on petrol and Rs. 0.25 Pollution Cess making the overall petrol price per litre in India around Rs.77. Contrary, the most shocking facts of the petrol price in India is, India is selling petrol to many other countries at a very low price when compared to the price it is selling to the Indians.

Though many people and industry experts are saying that is the best thing which would reduce the percentage of people using non-renewable petrol and Diesel, common people are considering it as a burden.

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