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Use Kerala Padmanabha Swamy Temple Treasures for Kerala Victims.


Kerala Padmanabha Swamy temple treasures came into the limelight recently. From the day the hidden treasures were found, many people are giving different responses when asked about the Kerala treasure found in the temple. The list includes politicians both the central government and state government in the ruling and opposition and communist parties.

Many among them are suggesting, it is better to use Kerala Padmanabha Swamy temple treasures for the development of the temple and Kerala state. And some are suggesting, if you dare to touch the god’s property, you can’t sustain it. It means they are indirectly saying, the Padmanabha Swamy temple vault B is warning everyone. Whatever be the case, I believe letting the treasure inside Temple for the showcase is the wrong decision.

Even though you have tons of gold and properties, you are poor if you won’t use the property to fill the stomach. I might not be an English expert to write slogans, but I think I conveyed what I mean to say. I believe it would be better if the government uses Kerala Padmanabha Swamy temple treasure to Kerala flood victims.

Instead of ignoring Padmanabha Swamy temple treasure (value 1 lakh crores), it can be used to help the Kerala victims during the Kerala floods 2018. The main concept of all Holy Books related to various religions is to help people in need.

And the latest Kerala viral news stating Ayyappa Saved Kerala Flood Victims is also saying the same thing. If you also believe the same and support my statement “Use Kerala Padmanabha Swamy Temple treasure for Kerala Victims”, then share this post until it reaches to the officials.




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