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Sidharth Kadadi, The Popular Zygnema Guitarist Launch New Guitar Book

Sidharth Kadadi

It’s been a while since we have heard new music from Mumbai metallers Zygnema and Sidharth Kadadi after their most recent song was the devastating groovefest “I Am Nothing” in 2019. But new material is being developed even while members have been busy outside of the band.

Jimmy Bhore operates his own chain of burger places called Jimis Burger, and musician Sidharth Kadadi works as an instructor. Even though new Zygnema content is on the horizon for 2022, Kadadi has now turned author with The Guitar Journal Volume 1, a guitar learning book.

This is an offshoot of his work with Guitar Garage Inc., a guitar academy. The book, published by Indian publisher Locksley Hall Publishing, had been in the works for a few years until Kadadi took a break during the pandemic.

The Guitar Journal Volume 01

Sidharth Kadadi’s book, ‘The Guitar Journal Volume 01,’ will be released by Locksley HalI Publishing. It is a comprehensive guide to learning the guitar in three ways: easy, in-depth, and fun. A music study book you won’t be able to put down.

Sidharth Kadadi has placed his 15+ years of teaching expertise into this book, which is an ideal reference for teachers wanting to follow a specific module for their Foundational level candidates. The book will be available in digital stores on March 27, 2022. This book includes learning tools that assist readers envision each chapter, allowing them to learn more effectively.

Chapters accompanied by skeleton diagrams, photographs, and step-by-step instructions for placing fingers on the correct fret are akin to a teacher guiding a student face to face. The book also helps learners who want to pick up the instrument and study on their own by providing a well-guided strategy to what should be done first and how all of your guitar lessons should be blended and incorporated into your playing style.

To make things easier, the book includes detailed explanations of music chord illustrations, tabs, and fretting positions.

Who Is Sidharth Kadadi?

Sidharth Kadadi is a multi-award-winning guitarist and founding member of India’s top Heavy Metal band, ‘Zygnema.’ Sidharth has established a name for himself in the rock and metal music community as a seasoned musician and music educator with over 15 years of experience in live music, representing India at numerous International and National festivals, teaching and conducting workshops.

Sidharth is a true artist and musician at heart, as well as a driven business. He is also an Academic Consultant for Trinity College London – India as the Founder/Proprietor of ‘Guitar Garage Inc.’ Sidharth has previously self-published three music learning books.

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Sidharth established “Guitar Garage Inc.” with the goal of bringing out the best in every student eager to embrace the instrument and turn their enthusiasm into a serious commitment. His teaching philosophy focuses only on the learner’s personal growth and devotion to the instrument, while also sharing his enormous musical expertise.

“The primary goal of this book is to provide schools, instructors, and students with a complete answer with precise material that will make them a good foundation level musician and, more importantly, work as a solid text book for learning,” adds Kadadi.

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