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River Pamba Floods: Kerala People Are Struggling to Survive

Pubma Rivver Floods

River Pamba floods are the most sorrowful incident in recent days. Kerala people are suffering a lot due to the heavy rains in Kerala that killed more than 200 people. The famous Ayyappa Swamy temple located in the temple is among the most famous temples in Kerala.

From yesterday onwards one flash update of Kerala is spreading across the internet stating Ayyappa Swami Ayyappa saves Kerala People. Alongside the Kerala heavy rainfall topic, the miracle that happened in Ayyappa Swamy temple is also getting huge comments in social media Twitter, Facebook and others.

Here we have briefed the fact behind the mysterious thing that happened in Subramanya Swamy temple of Kerala researched as per various references.

Kerala River Pamba Floods are Very Severe

According to the various sources available on the internet, we found many people saying a story revealing that Ayyappan saved KERALA from floods. As per the story, while many Kerala people struggling to cross the Pamba river, an old man came with a normal boat and asked the people to get in.

After they get into the boat, he rides the boat and helped all the people to cross the Pamba river safely. And the most mysterious thing here is that, after dropping people on the other side of Pamba river, he again went to the middle of the river with the boat and it turned into transformed into Lion was disappeared immediately.

As crossing the Pamba river flooding is impossible with a normal boat and transformed version lion is the animal-vehicle of Ayyappa Swamy many people is believing that lord in Subramanya Swamy came as a normal man to help the people struck in Subramanya Swamy temple of Kerala to cross Pamba river hassle-free.

Pubma Rivver Floods

Whatever be the fact behind the story which makes the people believe that Ayyappa Swami Ayyappa saves Kerala people, many devotees from across the world are believing this as fact. No one can say the story is cent per cent true because there is no video or audio available to justify the story. And no one can say, the story is entirely fake because no one can justify sometimes is wrong or fake if there is no proof.

So, instead of thinking much about the reality of the mind-blowing incident in Kerala, it is better to help the people of Kerala who are suffering and struggling in the Pamba flooding.




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