February 21,
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Rajasekhar Badana, a Man Behind Best Real Estate Company in Visakhapatnam

Rajasekhar Badana

Getting a job is the toughest task in today’s competitive world. If anyone says that they will give you a high pay scale bank job, then what will be your reaction? Obviously, many of us will say Yay!, but not Rajasekhar Badana. Yes, you read it correctly. To know more about this successful businessman of Visakhapatnam go through the article. Best Real Estate Company in Visakhapatnam.

Success Journey of Rajasekhar Badana

Badana Rajasekhar was born in Srikakulam as a middle class guy. Post his post graduation MBA in Marketing and Finance, he joined a construction company as a junior level employee. Alongside working as a full-time employee in the company, he used to work as a freelance real estate agent in a well known company. With the marketing and communication skills, he successfully closed the majority of the plots in the venture and achieved best employee awards many times.

Rajasekhar Badana

Later he successfully cracked a job in State Bank of India and worked as an Assistant Manager (Sales) for more than 2 years. While working in SBI, he never failed to achieve the targets and in fact Rajasekhar Badana always delivered results that exceeded his job targets. However, the high payscale SBI Assistant Manager salary doesn’t give him the satisfaction he needs. So, he left the job and started his own venture named Golden Tree Developers.

Rajasekhar Badana’s Golden Tree Developers Real Estate Company

Rajasekhar Badana incorporated Golden Tree Developers, a Visakhapatnam-based Real Estate company in the year 2019 with an aim to offer plots to customers at competitive prices. 

Rajasekhar Badana

Golden Tree Developers real estate company in Visakhapatnam helps middle class and lower middle class people buy plots (both agricultural and non-agricultural) at affordable prices. In a span of just 2-3 years, Golden Tree Developers grabbed a huge client base not only in India but also abroad and joined the list of best real estate companies in Visakhapatnam and best real estate companies in Vizianagaram.

Let’s hope that Rajasekhar Badana will continue his entrepreneurial journey and achieve his dream of becoming a best businessman in Visakhapatnam.




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