February 21,
#BuzTak Special

Publish Your Love Story @ Rs.299 and Propose Your Valentine on Global Platform

Valentines Day Gift

Love is the most precious thing in this world. Everyone of us will fall in love some time or the other and search for innovative ideas for valentines day gift. If you are among them, this 90% discount is for you.

Why To Try Best Digital Gifts as Valentines Day Gift?

Earlier were the days were people get excited about physical gits such as Teddy Bears, Chocolates, Pens, etc. But, in today’s digital world where everyone expects more than just physical gits. And people are not ready to fall for routine gifts. So, why don’t you try for an innovative Valentine’s Day Gift?

What is Digital Gift for Your Valentine?

We, at BuzTak, love love stories a lot and support our best to make them happy. That’s why we have came up with an idea of giving innovative digital gifts to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

We will publish your love story or the success story of your Valentine on our blog and make it popular. We are damn sure that your valentine will get excited to receive this gift from you, as this is an unexpected thing from you.

Why Digital Valentines Day Gift is Different?

The published story comes with a lifetime validity. So, you can show this gift to your generations and feel excited always.

Unlike the physical gift, you can share this digital gift link easily to your friends via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

When someone asks your love story, share them this link directly instead of telling the story manually.

What is The Process to Public Love Story Online and Surprise with Digital Valentines Day Gift?

  • Step 1: Just click the Buy Now button and make the payment
  • Step 2: After the payment, email your story and photos (1-2) to Info@BuzTak.com.
  • Step 3: Don’t forget to attach the payment receipt.
  • Step 4: In email subject, please mention your names. Ex: XXX Loves XXX.
  • Step 5: Nothing more than this. We will share the link with your love story via email. Share this with your beloved ones and suprise them.

Who are Eligible for this Digital Valentines Day Gift?

Love has no age limit. So, we can’t and don’t restrict this digital gift to any specific age group. Everyone from college students to teenagers, married couple and even senior citizens can propose their love to valentine with Valentines Day Gift.

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