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Slept Naked for 27 Years in Jail: Nelson Mandela Letters

Nelson Mandela Letters

Nelson Mandela Letters: Many of us aware that Nelson Mandela was spent around 27 years in prison. He was imprisoned because he was found guilty of conspiracy and sabotage and joined with other 8 National African Congress Leaders to overthrow the South African Government.

Initially, Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment and was released after 27 years in 1990. The Nelson Mandela letters released recently have given more information about the Nelson Mandela vision and Nelson Mandela biography in prison. Here we’ve listed a few important pieces of information. 

According to the letters, Nelson Mandela who missed burying his mother and elder son who died in a car accident and raising his own children struggled a lot in prison. Even though he requested the officials to attend the funeral, officials rejected the proposal.  From the request to provide four pounds of honey each month for medical purpose, pond’s cold cream for dry skin, new study materials for pursuing a law degree to pajamas to survive in the rainy season, every request of Nelson Mandela were rejected by prison officials.

Nelson Mandela Letters

Nelson Mandela letter to wife Winnie

“The feeling of anguish & depression that had hit me so viciously when I received the horrible news of his death returned and began to gnaw away mercilessly at my insides,.”

“One day we will have the privacy which will enable us to share the tender thoughts which we have kept buried in our hearts during the past eight years.”

Nelson Mandela letter to Daughters

“[F]or long you may live like orphans,”

Nelson Mandela letter to Children

“My heart bleeds as I think of her sitting in some police cell far away from home, perhaps alone and without anybody to talk to, and with nothing to read,”

Nelson Mandela letters to Jail Authorities

“slept naked on a cement floor that becomes damp and cold during the rainy season” for 13 years and urgently needs pajamas.”

Nelson Mandela was even written many letters to the prison authorities explaining life in prison. Finally, Nelson Mandela was released in 1990. Also, read about the China First Emperor Tomb



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