Joycy Joseph: A Multi-talented Special Mother Who Won 5 Crowns as Beauty Queen

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It’s obvious that managing family and household work is tedious. And if we say, there is a woman who not only just manages but succeeds in handling both personal and professional tasks while being a special mother. It is unbelievable and sounds like OMG right!!!. Yes. What you just just read is right. She is none other than Joycy Joseph.

Who is Joycy Joseph?

Joycy Joseph, the founder of ODALU NGO is a special mother, beauty queen, luxury gown designer, cake maker, Karate medalist and the list goes on.

Joycy Joseph is the founder of ODALU, an NGO helping and supporting differently-abled children and their mothers all over the India.

Joycy Joseph has helped many physically handicapped orphans across the world. She had won the “WORLDWIDE POPULAR” title for supporting the cancer treatment NGO. She also holds 5 crowns as a beauty queen including state, national and international pageants.In the midst of all this seriousness, Joycy Joseph balances her life and finds peace in serving as a special mother.

Joycy Joseph

Joycy Joseph said, “The beauty of my journey is me being a special mother achieving all these. Whilst other special mothers give up on their professional and personal life and get encumbered by the shock of the diagnosis.”

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Joycy Joseph Is Karate Gold Medialist

Besides being a Luxury bespoke gown designer which she’s greatly passionate about, she has drawn herself as a cake designer and also a textile engineer. She enjoys a wide variety of lifestyles as a published model and sometimes as a Range shooter in which she passes her free time. She’s a karate gold medalist in addition.

Joycy Joseph

Greatness is never left unappreciated. For her work and support, she was awarded time and again with Mrs. NAVIKOTSAVA in 2020, Mrs. AKKA in 2020, Mrs. Bharath California in 2021, Bharath USA in 2021 and Mrs. Bharath USA in 2021. Along with these international awards she was also titled with Mrs. Photogenic, Style icon, and Bold and beautiful awards reputing her charm.

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