British Rule in India

Indians Achieved Freedom From British Rule in India; But Lost Many Valuable Things

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On August 15 of every year, Indians celebrate Independence Day. When we ask about the reason for celebrating Independence Day, most of the people start saying about the British rule in India. How many years the British ruled India, Indian’s struggles during British rule, brave stories of freedom fighters, and many more.

Whatever be the story, they try to convince us with the statement, “as India got freedom from British Rule on August 15, 1947, Indians celebrate Independence Day on this date of every year to salute the freedom fighters. I partially disagree with the statement saying, Indians have to celebrate Independence day.

Because Indians got freedom but lost many things including money, stones, natural resources, historical monuments and many more on this particular day. Instead of celebrating this day happily, Indians has to consider this day as a black day.

British ruled India for 200 years during which they have taken away most of the valuable things including precious stones and metals (as per many websites and blogs). British looted India money, valuable things, collected taxes from Indians and the British left India without returning any of these things.

British Rule in India

In my view, the British entered India to loot India and after achieving their goals of looting India for 200 years, they left. I think there might be nothing left to loot in India at that time. So, they left. I am not saying that freedom fighters didn’t play any role in making the British leave India, but if they make the British government to give back the properties of India then it could be good.

Many of the belongings, money, precious stones belonging to our ancestors have taken by the British. Whatever, Happy Independence Day to all Indians. I know many people who read this article will scold me. But, I told my opinion. If it hurts you, I am really sorry. If you have anything to say about this, please mention it in the comments.

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