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Hustlers Hospitality Acquires Majority Stake In My Cloud Kitchen To Expedite Their Growth

Cloud Kitchen Kunal Oza

Mumbai, 23rd May, 2022: India’s leading organised and profitable cloudkitchen franchise firm Hustlers Hospitality buys a 31% stake in My Cloud Kitchen which is India’s largest Cloud kitchen consulting firm offering end-to-end support to aspiring foodpreneurs with core services like Brand designing, setup, Licensing, Marketing, and Franchise solutions to Dark kitchen & QSR businesses.

Krunal Oza Founder & CEO of Hustlers Hospitality said, “This strategic investment helps to expand the operations of both the businesses; Hustlers Hospitality & My Cloud Kitchen, and serve the cloud and ghost food delivery market in a better way by taking leverage of our existing clientele network and already existing kitchens of My Cloud Kitchen across India”. 

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My Cloud Kitchen is currently valued at USD 1.3 Million. Krunal is a passionate entrepreneur who specializes in Business Consulting, Hospitality Consulting, Direct sales and marketing, Franchise model development, branding, strategic & growth campaign design, digital strategy development, advertising, printing promotional designs, and packaging for food delivery. 

“Be My Partner’ is another proprietary campaign by him, which offers a franchise opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to put their foot into the world of branding and digital marketing with a franchise opportunity of Profile build & also renowned food & beverage brands of Hustlers Hospitality. Krunal mentors young entrepreneurs in transforming their journey from being a 9-5 working employee to a successful entrepreneur and also assists them in setting up the business.

My Cloud Kitchen

Founded in 2012, My Cloud Kitchen is a food delivery consulting company providing end-to-end supporting services to food delivery businesses. It also owns in-house delivery brands like Senorita Margherita, Pancake Station, Monk Momo, New York Sandwich, and Omg Churros across 19 outlets in India.

Whatever we call it, food delivery business, Delivery Kitchen, Ghost Kitchen, or Dark kitchen, the goal is the same – to deliver delicious food to your doorstep. They work with ambitious people who are interested in investing in cloud kitchens & offer end-to-end consulting support for setup, branding, operations, marketing, and franchise solutions to help them grow their business to the next level. My Cloud Kitchen also assists existing restaurants and catering firms in creating food delivery restaurant brands that serve multiple cuisines with multiple brands, using the same re-estate. 

My Cloud Kitchen Services

  • Brand Designing
  • Real Estate & Licenses
  • Kitchen Setup & vendor tie-up
  • End-to-end Business & Culinary Consultancy
  • Staff hiring & training
  • Franchise development
  • Food photoshoot
  • Creative Packaging designs & printing
  • Conceptualizing B2B subscription Model 

Hustlers Hospitality

Hustlers Hospitality is the most organized & profitable food delivery company now with 36+ brands of food delivery kitchens and QSR brands with 400+ internet restaurants. With a mix of cloud kitchens and quick service restaurants, Hustlers Hospitality provides consumers with exactly what they want: flavor, convenience, speed, and flexibility.

With hustlers hospitality and My Cloud Kitchen, our experienced team of professionals with 9+ years of Food & Beverage consulting expertise will assist you with every step of setting up your Food & beverage business.

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