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How to Get Your Children Involved in Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja


Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most famous festivals which is celebrated every year. As per the traditions, people have to offer prayers to an idol of Vinayaka which has to be disposed of into the water body after prayers. Even though the form of offering Poojas is the same, the number of days of prayers varies from people to people. Whether it is 3 days, 5 days, 9 days or 11 days Pooja, after the duration, people has to dispose the Ganesh statue to the water body. The problem here is that most of the Ganesh idols people using are Ganesh Idols made of Plaster of Paris and other chemicals which pollutes water and in turn pollutes the environment.

On This Ganesh Pooja:- Let’s Try Some Thing innovative & Eco-Friendly
As we know fitkari (Alum) is one type of chemical which purifies the water and also environment friendly Many of us come across the word Fitkari Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol these days. Some say Fitkari Alum Ganesh Idol is the revolutionary things which people need to adopt immediately. But, many of us don’t know the exact reason why it is saying so. Here we have briefed the importance of Fitkari Ganesh Idol to let you know. Festivals and age-old traditions are there to support the happy living of people. But, the advancements in technology and change in peoples’ lifestyle is changing the way people celebrate festivals. This change in celebrating festivals particularly, the Ganesh Chaturthi where the idol has to be thrown into the water after prayer is negatively impacting the environment. To prevent this and save the environment and save the earth, many people are proposing Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols that won’t create any damage to the environment. Fitkari Alum is one among those Eco-friendly materials which instead of polluting environment saves earth from many hazardous. Hence many experts are suggesting the Vinayaka idols made of Fitkari.

Prevention is better than cure.
Instead of thinking about the disposals process of Plaster of Paris idols, it is better to use Eco-friendly materials for Ganesh idols. Alongside not creating any damage to the environment, Fitkari purifies the water body in which the Ganesh idol is disposed of. Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi 2018. Please let us know your opinions in the comments.




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