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How NTV Founder Chowdary Tummala Helping People Sustain COVID Pandemic?

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The increasing corona cases are affecting people in many ways. The daily labor is struggling a lot to find work to earn their livelihood and many job holders are losing their jobs. However, there are a few people like NTV Founder Chowdary Tummala who are giving their best to help people lead their life during the corona pandemic.

Doctors and Media People Are Front Line Warriors During Corona

People are saluting the doctors who are risking their lives to provide proper treatment to the COVID patients. And the government is also appreciating their efforts and giving special incentives to the doctors. On the other hand, the hard work done by the media people is ignored by the people and the government. 

As per the latest news published by NY Times, more than 37,000 employees working at media organizations in the U.S. have been laid off, been furloughed, or had their pay reduced. Not only in the U.S but many top media companies in India have also fired their employees during the Covid pandemic.

However, there are some media organizations such as RTPL, the parent company of NTV, Bhakti TV, and Vanitha TV founded by Chowdary Tummala are supporting employees by paying salaries on time even during this pandemic situation. As per the latest news, NTV founder Chowdary Tummala is giving hikes and special incentives to the employees in an act to appreciate the dedication of their media employees. 

A close associative to NTV Founder Chowdary Tummala Said

“Media people are working as front line warriors to provide people with the latest updates about corona and other state, national and international news even during this pandemic and both the people and the government should recognize their efforts.” 

While many media houses are publishing articles about fake news such as land frauds Telangana, Amaravathi land scam, Jubilee Hills plot fraud, movie gossips and more, NTV Founder Chowdary asked media reporters and editors of his organization to focus on the news related to Covid such as Covid prevention measures, how to stop the spread of Covid and more, which helps people sustain during Covid pandemic. 

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