Leopard & Dog in Toilet

How Dog Survive a Night in Toilet with a Leopard?

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Leopard & Dog in toilet story: A dog has miraculously survived after spending hours in the toilet with a leopard. It happened last year in Bilinele village in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka state. Both animals entered the restroom. It had been noticed by people and they trapped both of them inside the toilet by bolting it from outside.

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan has given information about this incident on his Twitter account. He has also given a photograph with the information about Leopard & Dog in Toilet. During this photo a dog and a cheetah can be seen sitting in a difficult position in a toilet a few meters away from each other.

The people stood outside making a commotion while forest personnel were called. The leopard immediately sensed the danger. It cannot shake closed confined space. It feared people would kill it.

Why Leopard Didn’t Kill Dog?

Leopard & Dog in toilet story answer is here. Its fear for survival overcame its hunger then it did not do anything to the dog. When question of survival – the instinct for self-preservation – comes initially and all other needs take back seat

Suppose you’re hungry and a plate full of meal is laid, will you retain eating it when suddenly a big tiger comes there running with a roar? Similar was the situation for the leopard. 

Leopards normally kill their prey by biting their neck and carrying it to a tree. They climb trees with the killed prey, sit during a branch of the tree and eat. In this manner they avoid their kill being snatched away by other animals like tigers or wolves. Normally they do not eat their kill at the same place the prey was killed but usually carry to a safer higher place.

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