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Ghost Stories: A Ghost That Asks For Lift On Road – Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Cemetery 1

Obviously it is heartbreaking to hear the word ghost and ghost stories. What if the ghost comes and sits next to us? How you will feel if the ghost talk and dance with you? Sweating right?  But, what you just read is true. A ghost in Chicago usually referred to as Resurrection Mary made everyone sweat like this.

On March 25, 1939, at and around 9:15 PM, a car stopped in front of the O. Henry Ballroom (Usually referred to as Willowbrook Ballroom). A person named Jerry Paulus gets down from the car in a hurry and enters the O. Henry Ballroom to attend the birthday party of his friend. He step-in and sees almost all people are enjoying the slow music by dancing.

All of a sudden a person shouted Jerry… we are here. Jerry walked toward that person and hugged him and said,  “Wish you a very happy birthday idiot”. The person said Cheers by giving Jerry a glass of wine. 

Jerry had a sip of wine while looking at the people enjoying in the hall. While doing so, his looks hit the eyes of a beautiful girl in a milky white gown sitting at the corner. She is sitting lonely as if she was waiting for someone else. Jerry is fully mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and he can’t take his every off the girl. He rushed towards her without wasting even a second.

Jerry said, “Hello”. The girl didn’t respond. Jerry waited for a minute and asked “Can I sit here (showing a chair beside her)”? 

The girl nodded her head and said “Yes”. 

“What’s your name?”Jerry asked her. 

“Mary”, she said in a very low voice. 

“Why are you sitting lonely?” 

Jerry questioned her. She didn’t reply. 

Jerry again asked, “Do you like to Dance?” 

Mary looked into Jerry’s eyes and said, “Yes” with a cute smile.

Without waiting a second, Jerry holds her hand and takes her to the dancing floor. They both danced in such a way that they both were in love. 

After a while, Jerry asked Mary, “Are you tired?” 

“No. Never”, she replied with a smile. 

“But, it’s around 3 AM. The staff will throw us out if we stay here for a minute more. Maybe we have to move from here.” Jerry said.

Jerry and Mary reach the parking lot. 

“Where is your vehicle?” Jerry asked the girl.

“There is no place for a 2nd person in your car?” Mary asked him with a smile.

Jerry opened the car door and said “Get in”.

Jerry and the girl started from the O. Henry Ballroom. Jerry asked many questions but the girl kept silent for almost every question.

After a while the girl shouted, “Stop the Car”.

Jerry stepped on the brake all of a sudden due to which his head slightly hit the steering. 

“What happened?”Jerry asked while turning towards Mary.

“This is where I live. See you again”, the girl said.

Jerry asked, “When?” by maintaining eye-contact with her.

“May be very soon. Anyways, Bye for now”, the girl said with a smile and walked away.

Jerry’s mind flew into imagination and he laughed to himself at his madness. With a smile on his face, he started the car and put his hands on the steering wheel. He turned his head and looked at the direction where Mary had gone. That’s all. His body is sweating and hands are shivering.

Even in the dark, large letters on the roadside signal board are clearly visible — ‘Way to Resurrection Symmetry’. He looked around. It’s a graveyard and there are no houses there.

Resurrection Mary

Jerry’s heart rate increased. He could not stand even a second there. He immediately get into the car and left the place in the next few seconds.

Sadly, Jerry doesn’t know who she is. But, this is the most common experience for many people traveling between the O. Henry Ballroom in Chicago and the Resurrection Symmetry. Many people have stated that they have met a beautiful girl dressed in a White Gown and traveled with her from O. Henry Ballroom in Chicago and the Resurrection Symmetry. Once they reach the Resurrection Symmetry, Mary disappears.

This is the common story everyone says. By listening to these stories, some devil hunters came forward to see what’s the mystery here.

Resurrection Mary Mystery: Resurrection Mary Real Story

Mary’s original name is Mary Bregovi. She lives in Chicago. One night in 1934, she went to O. Henry Ballroom with her boyfriend. There was a small quarrel between both of them. Mary came out from the O. Henry Ballroom crying and back to home alone. On her way back to back, a truck hit her and she died.

Mary was buried by her parents in the Resurrection Cemetery. As per the locals, Mary’s soul has been wandering between the ballroom and the Resurrection Cemetery. The lift episode continues to scare everyone traveling alone between O. Henry Ballroom to Resurrection Cemetery. But no one was harmed by Mary in any way. 

However, as per the locals, Mary stopped appearing after 1999. But, very recently many magazines and published articles are claiming that Mary had risen again.

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