BuzTak – About Us

BuzTak, the name itself says our intention of providing buzz updates. From entertainment updates such as movie reviews, songs, and more to business news – shares and startup news and fashion-related stories, we provide you almost everything you are expecting from us.

Currently, there are two logos for BuzTak. Obviously, the thought process never ends so we will try different logos until we find the right one.


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About BuzTak Founder

I don’t think it is the right time to reveal my identity. Even though I want to reveal my identity and get the people recognize me by my blog/company name, I am not fully prepared for that.

I am from a lower-middle class family who struggled a lot for money during my schooling phase. I still remember those days where my parents worked hard to support my education. Anyways, after so many struggles, now I reach a phase where I am earning a salary of Rs. 50k by working as a Technical Content Writer in a well recognized organization. I am still trying my best to achieve a better job with a good package.

The most exciting thing for me is getting pocket money from my parents. Confused? My brother and I give every single penny from our salaries to our parents and enjoy a little pocket money we get from them.

BuzTak Startup Journey

I am an aspiring entrepreneur just like many of you. Even though I thought to start my business journey just after my B.Tech, our family financial status didn’t supported it. I have joined as a content writer due to my passion towards writing. Along with my fulltime job, I have started my freelance career offering content writing services to the needy.

I have worked for many national and international clients during the last 6-7 years. I am proud to say that I didn’t spent even a single penny for marketing or to get leads. Many clients contact me directly and says that they got my number from my previous client and assign works. Thanks to all my previous clients who referred me to their friends and colleagues and helped me make money and fund my startup.

With the money I have been earning as a freelancer, I have started BuzTak to fulfill my intention of establishing a successful organization.

Please guide and support me by following and sharing BuzTak website regularly. Don’t hesitate to reach me out at Info@BuzTak.com