Joycy Joseph: A Multi-talented Special Mother Who Won 5 Crowns as Beauty Queen

It’s obvious that managing family and household work is tedious. And if we say, there is a woman who not only just manages but succeeds in handling both personal and professional tasks while being a special mother. It is unbelievable and sounds like OMG right!!!. Yes. What you just just read is right. She is […]

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Resurrection Cemetery 1

Ghost Stories: A Ghost That Asks For Lift On Road – Resurrection Mary

Obviously it is heartbreaking to hear the word ghost and ghost stories. What if the ghost comes and sits next to us? How you will feel if the ghost talk and dance with you? Sweating right?  But, what you just read is true. A ghost in Chicago usually referred to as Resurrection Mary made everyone […]

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Catalyst Group

40+ Candidates Got Selected in UPSC CSE/IAS 2021 Exam – Catalyst Group

New Delhi, 1st June, 2022: In the UPSC’s Civil Services Exam 2021, as many as 40 students have been selected from Catalyst Group out of which 3 students are in the Top 20. There is no doubt that interest in Civil Services remains strong among students. In lieu of this, Catalyst Group alumni are known […]

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