British Rule in India

Indians Achieved Freedom From British Rule in India; But Lost Many Valuable Things

On August 15 of every year, Indians celebrate Independence Day. When we ask about the reason for celebrating Independence Day, most of the people start saying about the British rule in India. How many years the British ruled India, Indian’s struggles during British rule, brave stories of freedom fighters, and many more. Whatever be the […]

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Petrol Price Today

Petrol Price Today: Petrol Prices of 100 Countries Around World

Petrol price today and diesel price today are the most common question most people in the world search for. Especially, whenever they need petrol and diesel. Regardless of the geographical location and time, it becomes imperative for everyone. Not only the people of the USA, India, and UK, the people of almost every country search […]

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British Robbed India

British Robbed India: Treasures, Monuments and Precious Diamonds

It is a known fact that the people of British ruled India for several years. During the period between 1747 – 1947, around 200 years the British robbed India. After ruling for years, the British left India in 1947, remembering which Indians celebrate Independence Day on August 15 of every year. While talking about the […]

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Pubma Rivver Floods

River Pamba Floods: Kerala People Are Struggling to Survive

River Pamba floods are the most sorrowful incident in recent days. Kerala people are suffering a lot due to the heavy rains in Kerala that killed more than 200 people. The famous Ayyappa Swamy temple located in the temple is among the most famous temples in Kerala. From yesterday onwards one flash update of Kerala […]

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